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Honesty and Integrity

We will always act with honesty and integrity.

We must be ethically, environmentally and socially responsible in all we do, acting honestly and fairly in our dealings with our client’s, staff and others.

We expect honesty, openness and courtesy from all staff in their respective dealings. This means that we must all act in an ethical, honest and professional way and respect the dignity and human rights of the Principals, clients, colleagues and the people we do business with.

We are truthful about the services we provide, the knowledge we possess, and the experience we have gained.

Professional Behavior

We conduct our dealings within Appropriate Laws with Integrity, Fairness and Respect.

We comply with professional standards and applicable laws and regulations.
We avoid any action that may discredit our companies or our professions.
We strive to do what is right.


We will not take on an assignment unless we are confident that we have the skills to deliver.
We understand that our clients expect our work to meet the highest professional standards.
We validate and extend our set of competencies on a regular base to provide our clients with the most advanced methodologies and practices.

CDS carefully selects our agents by way of merit on the principals of;

Ethical behavior in personal, corporate and high-stress context, including accountability, responsibility and a positive approach.
Character leadership ability building long standing relationships on honouring commitments through empathy and safety relations.
Competent skill set excelling in personal growth and task knowledge.
Core competencies mastering physical and psychological challenges strategically placed in the initial CDS assessment.

We respect our clients’ confidentiality and information.

We prohibit disclosure of any clients’ information to anyone inside or outside our firms without the legal or professional right. 

We are committed to defending the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients.

Our approach strategies rests on these four pillars. They are key to our approach and woven into the very fibre of our core beliefs.
We plan with this in mind. We execute with this in practice.
What we do is more than a job. We serve our clientele with humble confidence.