About Us

CDS continually commits itself to be at the forefront of both local and international security development. All current services presented are therefore aligned with the best that the industry has to offer. CDS stands firm in honoring its commitments efficiently, ultimately creating safe and secure environments. 

CDS is a a Div. of Ngwenyama Trading 55 cc which is based in Sandton, Johannesburg and is registered with the Private Security Industry Regularity Authority (PSIRA) as a specialist security services provider. CDS/NT55 fully comply with all relevant laws, regulations and bodies governing the private security sector.

Our agents are extensively trained and skilled to conduct high risk protection assignments in hostile environments throughout Africa. We recruit from police, military, special forces units and the select only the best operators from the private sector. We have a demanding selection and recruitment process and only the most competent operators will advance through our employment process.

All our agents are registered with PSIRA and accredited by SASSETA.